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The "Holy Rituals" is a friendly forum for dialogue for customers It is a space exclusively for esoteric subjects, religious, high magic, alchemy, selling to retailers, wholesalers questions between, see etc..en where issues get out of this will be deleted. Each partner must respect the netiquette. If it does not, the partner will be permanently expelled from the community and deleted messages. The provocative, aggressive, vulgar or obscene messages are prohibited. Messages containing ADVERTISING OR ADVERTISING SHARES THAN USUAL CUSTOMERS AND WHOLESALE BUYERS OF PRODUCTS HOLY RITUALS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Illegal messages can be punished by law. They are illegal messages that reproduce or disseminate protected by a property right, pornographic, xenophobic or incitement to racial hatred data messages. They are also prohibited messages contrary to good manners, libelous or slanderous. A moderator is likely to delete any contribution that is not related to the subject of dialogue dealt with the editorial line of the site or that is contrary to the law and / or good manners. The address LABORATORIO RITUALS sl hopes and expects that this forum is refuge of friendship, understanding and support for all those who visit, we try that all doubts are resolved, and provide maximum information, between us and you about this topic we love and live with total love. We appreciate your trust and collaboration.